The Spartan Journey: A Fascinating Conversation About Health, Business and Life with Joe De Sena and Joe Polish

Episode Summary

Joe De Sena, the founder and CEO of Spartan, knows what it means to get pushed to your limits. From mafia-hired pool boy to brilliantly successful entrepreneur, Joe has taken lessons from mafia families, his father, his mother, and mentors to get to where it is today.

In this episode, Joe shares the three lessons he learned from mafia head-honchos and the ten principles he now lives by so that you, too, can be inspired to be more SPARTAN. 

This episode is an exciting conversation with Joe De Sena and Joe Polish. If you’d like to join Joe Polish and 400 more of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs at this year’s Genius Network Annual Event – then apply today for your invitation to attend. If you’d like to learn more about the Genius Network Annual Event or to apply, go to

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Joe De Sena in this episode:

  • The incredible story of how Joe went from cleaning pools for the MAFIA in Queens, New York to building one of the biggest endurance event brands in the world.
  • What being a SPARTAN means (PLUS: Joe talks about his goal of changing 100 MILLION peoples’ lives through 250 events in 40 countries).
  • How Spartan Races work, who the Spartan tribe is for, and why Spartan Races can change your life forever.
  • Why Joe thinks obstacle course racing has a place in the Olympics and what he’s doing to bring legitimacy to it.
  • 2 simple mind tricks you can use to get yourself to do almost anything (especially if you don’t feel like doing it).
  • The smartest business decision AND the worst business decision he has ever made.


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Show Notes

  • Joe Polish shares his experience with yoga and burpees. 
  • Joe De Sena loves pushing others and reflects on how his dad enrolled others, too. 
  • Spartan puts a date on the calendar and holds participants accountable. 
  • How Joe transitioned from mafia pool cleaner to CEO and founder of Spartan. 
  • Joe shares his mother’s transformation and how he got 700 customers by college. 
  • The lessons and messages Joe learned from his mafia neighbors and mentors: help people, go above and beyond, and never ask for money. 
  • Joe’s college experience and how he bought his first stock. 
  • The word “Spartan” is strong and conjures a certain image.
  • Joe believes in “less is more” and believes we have too much.
  • Why the Spartan race is intended to scare you into training.
  • The psychological connection that sponsors make at the Spartan Races. 
  • How he’s inspiring companies to get people healthy. 
  • Joe believes OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) should be an Olympic sport.
  • Crossfit vs. Spartans: “Spartans surpass everyone”. 
  • Joe wants to step back and find a CEO – they have 340 employees. 
  • The 10 principles that’ll get you where you want to be: know your north, commit, be enthusiastic, delay gratification, maximize your time, get gritty, embrace diversity, adjust your frame of reference, be honorable, and be Spartan.

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