The Four Hour Reinvention (Sit Down with Tim Ferriss)(Explicit Content)

Episode Summary

What would you do if you had to start over or reinvent yourself?  In this episode, you’ll discover The Four Hour Reinvention in this sit down interview and discussion with Joe Polish and Tim Ferriss.  Tim is a serial entrepreneur, NY Times Best Selling Author, angel investor, and advisor.

Recorded Live From the Genius Network Annual Event.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Tim in this episode:

  • How Tim invested in Facebook and Twitter (Tim reveals how he thinks about investing and shares his counter-intuitive strategy for successfully allocating capital)

  • Where to go to get an MBA in early-stage investing without spending a lot of money

  • Tim reveals something controversial he’s NEVER shared with anyone (HINT: It has to do with drugs…)

  • The two types of platforms for expanding your reach and increasing your influence

  • How to get exclusive access to people running platforms (This is how Tim gets help from – and can make any phone call to – the people at Twitter, Facebook, and many other services)

  • 2 questions that help you reinvent yourself, do more of what you love, and become happier

  • The best way to avoid being tricked or misled and become a more rational thinker

  • Is “The Tim Ferriss Effect” real or just hype? Tim talks candidly about what happens to products and services he endorses…

  • What Tim thinks the next “big thing” for society is going to be over the next 10 years

  • If your email is overwhelming, here’s Tim’s 3 secrets for managing your email and saving 10 to 20 hours a week

  • What Is Wealth? What Is Wisdom? Tim shares his thinking about achievement, appreciation, following your own advice and maximizing your enjoyment in life

  • How To Make Decisions: Tim tells you the best operating system for making effective, efficient decisions in high stress environments…and…the one book you need to read about decision-making (Tim was at a tech roundtable with President Obama and he recommended THIS book…)


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Show Notes

  • It’s very easy for people who have attained a certain level of success to become defensive. 04:00
  • Your self worth can become dependent on the success are failure of your brand. 04:40
  • Tim focused on being highly value added as an investor. 05:15
  • “Invest in companies that solve a problem that you have.” -Tim Ferriss 06:55
  • Don’t get too fancy with due diligence in world’s you don’t understand. 07:30
  • Advising platforms without being in a position to make a high return still gives you valuable connections. 08:00
  • Platforms can be used to market or promote a specific product or it can be an architecture that allows people to perform a task. 09:30
  • Most people operate in two different modes: operational build and higher level strategic thinking. 11:30
  • “If you can’t ever retire, how does that change your decision making and priorities?” -Tim Ferriss 12:35
  • Money is a very useful tool but a terrible master. 14:10
  • Look at the opportunity cost of poor email management. 14:45
  • The average inbox is growing 15-18% year on year. 15:15
  • “You don’t need better ways of answering email, you need to answer less email.” -Tim Ferriss 15:45
  • Boomerang is a game changer. 17:35
  • Process your email offline and then batch send. 18:55
  • You can’t have wealth without appreciation of achievement. 20:30
  • Giving value for free builds trust and allows for testing. 23:50
  • Invest in a way that doesn’t negate a positive outcome. 24:35
  • “Wisdom is taking your own advice.” -Unknown 25:35
  • Look for tools that hold you accountable. 27:05
  • Humans are inherently bad at probabilistic thinking. 36:35
  • “If you have enough personal data you can start to look at trends and what’s possible.” -Tim Ferriss 39:10
  • “You’re the average of the five people you associate with most.” -Tim Ferriss 42:10
  • Anger is like acid, it does more damage to the vessel than what it’s poured on. 42:55

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