How to Skyrocket Your Media Attention, Viewership and Audience: Part 2 with Paula Rizzo and Joe Polish

Episode Summary

Paula Rizzo works with experts, authors, and entrepreneurs on how to position themselves for media, build effective lists, and engage customers. She knows how to get – and keep – media attention, and knows what it takes to build those relationships from the ground up. Paula’s list-making and productivity hacks help busy entrepreneurs be more productive, more successful, and less stressed.

In this episode, Paula Rizzo and Joe Polish answer audience questions after her master class. If you haven’t heard it, be sure to listen to episode 126 first. In this Q&A, you’ll gain some practical uses for what Paula taught in part one based on what audience members experience in their own lives and businesses.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Paula in this episode:

  • Paula gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what a media producer does so you understand how to work with them
  • Listful Thinking: What any entrepreneur can do to become more productive, less stressed and even more successful
  • 4 steps for getting booked consistently on media, becoming a “go to” expert, and massively increasing your credibility and visibility
  • ONE SIMPLE THING to do at the end of every day that makes you A LOT more productive (PLUS: How to structure your day in way that makes it easier to get more done)
  • Paula reveals (and explains) the three segments of an effective pitch: 1. The H_ _ _ 2. The T_ _ _ _ _ 2. The T _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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Show Notes

  • The best way to respond to a reporter when they ask about something you don’t know.
  • Keep the door open with people by being helpful and top-of-mind as a resource.
  • Take any opportunities to do media and use social media to reach out.
  • Experts pay Paula to connect them to media or train them on media – it’s story development.
  • Prioritize what you put on your list and have a mindset that maximizes your productivity.
  • Make an off-limit time for your staff to catch up on list items you must do.
  • Protect your time but still be respectful to others.
  • Take responsibility for the way you spend your time – your time wasting isn’t all other people’s fault.
  • People that don’t make you think and anticipate what you need are the ones you want around.
  • Entrepreneurs must protect their attention.

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