Why Joe Decided to Go on His Sabbatical (and How He Hopes It Will Transform His Personal and Professional Life) with Joe Polish and Dr. Benjamin Hardy #155

Episode Summary

Joe is officially away on his year-long sabbatical. Hear what he had to say about it in his last recorded interview with Dr.Benjamin Hardy for the Genius Network podcast.

In this episode, Joe and Ben discuss how Joe’s Business will self-manage in 2021. Joe will share why he decided to take a sabbatical, what he hopes to get from it, and what scares him the most about taking off for so long. He explains what he hopes to find and what he plans to eliminate moving forward so his sabbatical creates a permanent, powerful impact on his own quest for an E.L.F. life and Business. 

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Joe, and Ben in this episode:

  • Joe shares how his Business is going to self-manage while he is on his sabbatical
  • How to become the best version of yourself and feel more rejuvenated
  • Joe shares what is SCARING him the most about going on his sabbatical
  • What people can expect from Genius Network while Joe is on his sabbatical
  • One of the BIGGEST SECRETS to feeling more connected and happy with your life



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Show Notes

  • High-functioning people intentionally eliminate complexity from their life and Business. 
  • Create and control your environment or it will control you. 
  • Joe decided that he needed to take a year long sabbatical.
  • Obligations will be eliminated and he won’t be tightly scheduled. 
  • Joe will be cutting obligations and making space for other things he loves. 
  • Joe wants to eliminate things that are not gold coins in his life. 
  • He will be cutting off communication, resting, and recovering from burnout. 
  • You can hide behind workaholism; ego is part of the game but it’s damaging. 
  • He wants to smoke out the part of himself that is driven by approval of others. 
  • He wants to experience life in a different way and change his environment.
  • Joe has talked to many people about his sabbatical; it’s something that’s never been done in the industry.
  • Joe wants to be more connected with himself, health, recovery, and art. 
  • Joe hopes to sleep better and experience his parasympathetic nervous system in a deeper way. 
  • He wants to heal from “opportunity indigestion” and have a lean life, both physically and mentally. 
  • He wants to let go of attachments and get clarity on where to spend his time, energy, and attention.
  • He wants to build his emotional resilience and understand his pain messengers. 
  • He wants to have better boundaries, smoke out narcissists and get reconnected to real friends.
  • Joe believes in delivering the best value and must take care of himself to do so. 
  • Anything you put ahead of your recovery you should be prepared to lose. 
  • He’s scared of his voice that may push him to go back to work. 
  • He can’t be bought out of this sabbatical because it means not keeping his word to himself.
  • He wants freedom and connection and understanding of death as part of life.
  • The core triggering event that made Joe decide to take a sabbatical was his friend Mark’s death. 
  • Joe likes people that are courteous and reciprocal. 
  • Joe has a great Team that is stepping up and taking responsibility. 
  • Joe hopes to inspire himself and find the right “work” for him. 
  • Take care of yourself!

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