Mindset Hacks for Thriving During Times of Chaos: Secrets For Certainty Beyond Logic In Uncertain Times Featuring Orion Talmay – Genius Network Episode #151

Episode Summary

Feeling bombarded with negative and stressful information? Learn how to regain control of your mind and sanity in today’s episode of the Genius Network Podcast. 

In this episode, Orion Talmay reveals the secrets for operating from a place of peace, clarity, and groundedness amidst worldwide chaos. She’ll share actions you can take to immediately improve your mindset so you can enhance your performance – and increase your business. Orion and Joe will also share the valuable tools you need to regain control of your thoughts and feelings so you can stay healthy, make wise decisions, and stand firm for yourself and your business. 

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Has your mind been hijacked by negativity, stress, and overwhelm? Learn how to regain control and move to a place of peace, clarity, and confidence in today’s episode of the Genius Network podcast.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Orion in this episode: 

  • What to do when you are constantly bombarded with overwhelming, stressful, negative information.
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Secrets for operating from a place of peace, clarity, and stability.
  • Why your immunity is tied to your mental well-being (PLUS: Actions you can take to improve your mindset).
  • How to make important decisions quickly to enhance your performance AND increase your business.
  • Powerful tools you can use to overcome fear and external and internal obstacles.
  • How to take back control of your thoughts and feelings, master your mind, and thrive in the face of chaos.


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Show Notes

  • We’ve never experienced anything like this before; we’re uncertain, grieving, stressed, fearful, and scared.
  • Our emotions have a place, but we can’t control our outside world. 
  • The mind reacts to pictures, symbols, and metaphors; not everyone knows how to make the most of the mind. 
  • The mind reacts to emotional, powerful, and repetitive words; it’ll do what you tell it to. 
  • The mind can create whatever you need for a healthy body; it’s like a pharmacy.
  • You can create reactions in your body just by having a picture in your mind.
  • Your mind is a beautiful garden so plant good, positive, beautiful thoughts to make that your default path. 
  • Mind Hacks: Think of T Cells, laugh, focus on what’s good, command your mind with the words “I AM”, and create a post-COVID-19 vision board.
  • Laughter can be more valuable to human happiness than gratitude. 
  • We are conditioned to look for the sabretooth tiger; gratitude shifts your focus.
  • There are “laughing clubs” and “laughing yoga” all over the world to aid in human happiness. 
  • If you ask the brain what’s terrible about your situation, it’ll answer. Always. 
  • It’s important to have relationships with people you can fall into if you need it. 


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