How To Find Self-Validation and Become Clear, Driven, and Unstoppable with Laura Catella #193

Episode Summary

How to remove (what may be) your greatest limitations and get clear, driven, and unstoppable with Laura Catella.

In this episode of The Genius Network Podcast, renowned copywriter, e-commerce founder, and inspiring leader, Laura Catella, shares powerful insights on removing limitations and achieving clarity, drive, and unstoppable growth in business and personal life. Join the conversation as Laura delves into the transformative process of suspending judgment, accepting complexity, and creating accommodations for success.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Laura in this episode:

  • The secret to removing overwhelm, breaking negative cycles, and claiming what you REALLY want
  • Dirty DNA: The root cause of low self-worth and a simple tool to resolve the B.S. in your life
  • How to give yourself time, space, and grace to accept yourself and give yourself self-validation
  • Suspend judgement and accept complexity to have more fluidity, impact, productivity, and fun
  • A simple self-regulation shift you can make today to change your whole life forever
  • The secret to gaining clarity in your business, life, and pursuit of what you most want
  • Why putting scissors in every room can make you even more clear, confident, and happy!


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Show Notes

The Power of Suspending Judgment:

  • Breakthroughs become possible when individuals suspend judgment and embrace complexity.
  • Exploring contradicting emotions without self-judgment leads to profound personal growth.

Overcoming Limitations:

  • Addressing limiting behaviors, such as under-promising and over-delivering to oneself, is essential for breakthroughs.
  • Normalizing overwhelm can hinder progress and perpetuate repetitive patterns.
  • Discovering the root causes of self-imposed limitations is crucial for personal growth.

Claiming What You Truly Want:

  • Recognizing and embracing personal desires is key to achieving progress.
  • Negotiating with oneself and seeking external approval can impede personal growth.
  • The allure of familiarity often hinders individuals from pursuing their true ambitions.

Becoming a Bloodhound to Your Bull****:

  • Analyzing language and thought patterns serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery.
  • Identifying self-invalidating statements promotes self-acceptance and self-validation.
  • By suspending judgment and embracing complexity, individuals create space for personal growth and transformation.

Creating Accommodations for Success:

  • Embracing complexity enables individuals to create accommodations that meet their needs.
  • Making adjustments without judgment significantly enhances efficiency and productivity in business and personal life.
  • Simple changes, like the metaphorical act of keeping scissors in every room, can yield profound improvements.


  • Visualize yourself, 60 days from now, having embraced complexity, suspended judgment, and created accommodations for success. Imagine feeling clear, confident, and empowered to pursue your mission.


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