18 Summers: How to Have a Lifetime Relationship with Your Children and Grandchildren with Joel Weldon and Jenny Locklin #194

Episode Summary

The payoff that comes from nurturing relationships, being family focused, and building connections.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Joel and Jenny in this episode:

  • How to have a close, deep, and loving long-term relationship with your children that lasts a lifetime
  • Joel explains the areas of life where you can invest time with your kids and be there for them
  • Why what you do over “18 Summers” could enrich your life and happiness in ways you can’t imagine
  • Jenny talks about the meaningful times she has with her dad, Joel, and what it means to her
  • How to get your kids, grandkids, nieces’, and nephews’ attention despite technological distractions


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Show Notes


In this episode of The Genius Network Podcast, Joel Weldon, a Hall of Fame professional speaker, shares the profound impact of investing time and being present in the lives of your children. He emphasizes the importance of creating a deep and loving relationship that can last a lifetime. Joined by his Daughter Jenny Locklin, Joel reflects on the wisdom he receivedin 1967 and how it shaped his approach to parenting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be present with your loved ones, as the relationships you build can endure throughout your lifetime.
  • The concept of “18 summers”: From the day your child is born, you have 18 summers to create lasting memories and strengthen your bond.
  • Summers are different from years because they pass by quickly, making them even more impactful.
  • Although the 18 summers end when children become more independent, your relationship with them continues to evolve and grow.
  • Even if you have limited time or your children live far away, technology like FaceTime allows you to bridge the distance and maintain a strong connection.
  • Actively participate in your children’s lives by attending school events, birthdays, conferences, and graduations.
  • It’s essential to prioritize spending quality time with your children, even amid the demands of work and other commitments.
  • Meeting your children where they are, whether in person or virtually, is crucial to connecting with them.
  • Embrace spontaneity and be open to unexpected experiences that can create lasting memories.
  • Teach your children valuable skills and passions, and in turn, they will be there for you when you need their support.
  • Cherish the moments you share with your children, as these opportunities are limited by the passing of time.


  • Investing time and being present in your children’s lives can lead to lifelong relationships that bring joy and fulfillment. The 18 summers concept reminds us of the fleeting nature of childhood and encourages us to make the most of these precious years. By creating meaningful experiences, teaching valuable skills, and nurturing connections, you can build a strong foundation for a lasting bond with your children.
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