Cracking The Millennial Code: How To Create A Self-Managing Company Full of Hard Working Millennials with Christian Cotichini at Joe Polish’s Genius Network

Episode Summary

It’s been said that millennials are “too lazy to even eat cereal” yet Christian Cotichini says they are better than other generations and are your key to a self-managing company. In this episode Christian uncovers how millennials are the most educated generation ever as well as the most underpaid, all the while by many metrics being the hardest working generation at the same time.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Christian in this episode:

  • The myth of millennial entitlement and laziness and what millennials are doing RIGHT (and even doing better than other generations)
  • Christian gives you a 3-step plan for attracting millennials to your company (Here it is: The Millennial Equation: ___________ + ___________+ ____________ = Talented millennials working for you and your company…)

Show Notes

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