Changing Your Game With Dan Sullivan

Episode Summary

How to Change Your Game: a tool for getting clear on where you are in your business, increasing your cash flow and growing your business, one action you can take to increase your capabilities and confidence, how to make your competitors your biggest customers and promoters, and more, with Genius Network Member, Dan Sullivan.

Dan Sullivan is the co-founder of Strategic Coach, author of over 30 publications, a visionary, innovator, and gifted conceptual thinker. Dan has over 35 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dan in this episode:

  • A tool for getting clear on where you are in your business, increasing your cash flow and growing your business 10x
  • Dan reveals the greatest way to engage another person
  • The secret to eliminating perfectionism and procrastination
  • The A-B-C Breakthrough Business Model: How to eliminate irritants and focus on those activities that fascinate and motivate you
  • Identifying the one game changer activity that can transform your business over the next 90 days
  • The 25-Year Transformation: A simple way to create a future full of breakthroughs
  • One action you can take to increase your capabilities and confidence
  • How to make your competitors your biggest customers and promoters
  • The 4 C’s Formula for achieving bigger and better results
  • What to do when your children face failures and setbacks
  • Becoming An Entrepreneurial Hero: “There is nothing that makes us more a hero in the eyes of other people than c________ and c_________.”
  • Dan shares the secret to happy and fulfilling marriage


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Show Notes

  • Compressing actionable wisdom into a shorter amount of time. 2:05
  • The emotional snapshot of where you are right now. The three parts of your business. 4:50
  • It’s very important to tell the truth of what irritates you. 5:25
  • Can you achieve three important things a day? 8:10
  • There is no solution until you write it down. Our brain wants to know what to work on, you just have to tell it. 10:10
  • Eliminate your current irritating activities and systematize and automate the “ok” activities. 11:55
  • How to score mindsets. The world runs by mindsets, not products or services. 12:55
  • Game changers make competitors into customers and promoters. 14:05
  • Review the ABC Breakthrough Model every 90 days. 15:05
  • As you get more into “the fascinating” activities, the “ok” activities will become “irritating.” 16:00
  • If you restrict the number of things you do per day, you create improvement. 17:55
  • Don’t let “irritating” parts of your business interfere with your growth of ambition or sense of courage. 18:40
  • The greatest way to keep a human being engaged is by talking about them. 20:00
  • If you could only focus on one thing, what would be the game changer? 20:50
  • Eliminate the 80% of work that’s not necessary. 22:10
  • Perfectionism is the enemy of entrepreneurism. You have to commit before success is created. 23:10
  • When you tell the universe you want a courage free future, the universe will want the parts back. 25:05
  • Every major breakthrough is because you committed. The difference between confidence and courage is that confidence feels good. 26:00
  • The more you commit 100% the shorter the courage you require. 26:40
  • Part of courage is doing something unpleasant so you can advance, but you have to put in the time. 27:15
  • The four C’s and working at a higher level. 29:55
  • Want doesn’t have anything to do with what people think you should do, it’s strictly up to you. 32:20
  • People grasp compound interest when it comes to money but not so much when it comes to capability. 33:55
  • Our brain only remembers excitement, the only memory worthy things are fascinating and motivating. 34:20

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