Wealth, Integrity and Family: A Conversation with Canadian Billionaire Dennis J. “Chip” Wilson and Joe Polish #163

Episode Summary

Chip Wilson’s best advice for anyone who wants to succeed and make the most of their life and business.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Chip and Joe in this episode:

  • How Canadian Billionaire and Philanthropist Dennis J. “Chip” Wilson defines success and leadership
  • Influence and Athletics: Chip Wilson talks about how he globally transformed technical apparel
  • Chip Wilson’s best advice for anyone who wants to succeed and make the most of their life
  • The way Chip got through the most difficult time of his life (and the biggest lesson he learned)
  • How to make yourself a stronger person in other people’s eyes utilizing the power of integrity
  • Chip Wilson’s thoughts on family (And why he gave up $20 billion to put his family first)
  • The ONE THING, over and above almost anything else, that gives Chip’s life its’ whole meaning
  • Chip’s playbook for playing the game of business with passion and building a successful enterprise
  • A candid conversation about power, ruthlessness in business and trust (Plus: Chip reveals his #1 fear)
  • The “12 Year Old” reason why Chip gives 100% in everything he does and doesn’t hold anything back
  • Chip’s interesting explanation why jealousy, envy and gossip about success may be so widespread
  • One piece of advice Chip never got, but would have loved to have heard early on…
  • The story and mission behind Amer Sports (AND: Chip shares what his favorite brand is)
  • Chip gives his perspective on the media, social media and handling criticism and backlash
  • The Future of Apparel: Chips takes you 15 years forward into apparel technology and talent
  • What drives Chip, gets him excited and gives him joy (And why he thinks he will live to 120)
  • Chip and Joe have a fascinating discussion on philanthropy, guilt and giving


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Show Notes

  • Chip explains vertical retail 
  • How do you see yourself?
  • Chip shares how he sees himself and how he started his platform and brand
  • Investing in your Team – how Chip invests into the growth of his Team to help them maximize who they truly are
  • Being HUNGRY for self-development
  • Integrity, responsibility, making things happen! 
  • How to get your life into a better place through transition 
  • Reinventing yourself by learning to maximize your life
  • The ability to absorb information is infinite
  • Do you want a better context for your life?
  • Unlearning the things that are BLOCKING the best form of YOU 
  • Choosing to be a different type of leader outside of survival mode – operating out of a NEW mindset
  • How Chip defines leadership – providing context to what the future is and how it benefits each person
  • Integrity issues: there’s no top of the mountain 
  • Every person has a different definition of what integrity is – linguistic abstraction
  • “Doing what I say I will do when I say I will do it – and if not it’s up to me to communicate and resolve that.”
  • Being an Entrepreneur and solving problems for a profit

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