The Six Week Sabbatical With David Bach

Episode Summary

The Six Week Sabbatical: Why You Deserve It, When You Should Take It, and Where You Should Go with Genius Network Alumni David Bach. David Bach is the founder of, a 9X NY Times Best Selling Author, TV personality, entrepreneur, and one of America’s most trusted financial experts.

Recorded Live From A Genius Network Event.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from David in this episode:

  • How taking a six-week sabbatical transformed David’s life
  • The magic pill that can make you feel 10 years younger and 10x happier
  • How to unplug from your work even if you’re busier than ever
  • The one decision that can transform you from exhausted to energized


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Show Notes

  • What do you want for your birthday? 00:50
  • Sabbaticals don’t just recharge your batteries, it replaces them. 05:05
  • “We say we will die for our kids, but will we live for our kids?” – David Bach 06:10
  • “I didn’t know how tired I was in 2012, until I wasn’t tired anymore.” – David Bach 06:55
  • The magic pill is the sabbatical and it doesn’t need to be a year, just six weeks. 07:25
  • A six week sabbatical will make you happier, you will feel younger, and have better presence. 07:40
  • A sabbatical means absolutely no work. 08:25
  • The entrepreneur is often the last one to take a sabbatical. 10:05
  • “Sabbaticals can change your life.” – David Bach 10:10
  • Take it, you’ve already earned it. 10:15

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