Joeisms: A Simple Way To Solve Almost Any Business or Life Problem Featuring Joe Polish #169

Episode Summary

If you’re sick of being sick and tired, here are a few ideas for you to consider. Plus, timeless insights to help with thinking about your problems that will make them seem easier to solve.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking to find relief from pain, stress, and overwhelm… while at the same time reaching new levels of success and prosperity you may be a right fit for Genius Network.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Joe Polish in this episode:

  • The secret to connecting with some of the brightest Entrepreneurial thinkers in the world
  • The #1 key to solving almost any problem and reaching almost any opportunity
  • How Joe found relief from some of the most severe physical pain he’d ever experienced



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Show Notes

  • “Be willing to destroy anything in your life that isn’t excellent.”
  • Can you just eliminate it, destroy it, get rid of it?
  • Some games in life, the only way you win is to not play.” – Gary Halbert
  • “Any problem in the world can be solved with the right Genius Network.”
  • Joe’s Mission is to change the global conversation about how people VIEW and TREAT addicts with compassion instead of judgment and to find the best forms of treatment that have efficacy and share those with the world.
  • “I think anything that you want to have happen, you just need the RIGHT Genius Network. You need people with capabilities and skills.” – Joe Polish
  • “Being useful.” Be as useful as you can. If you hear someone talking about something that they need and you know, the answer, the strategy, the method, the process, a contact, or if you’ve been through it yourself. Just share it with them. That’s what makes Genius Networking a great thing.
  • “Don’t react, respond.” This is why Joe meditates and does yoga. It helps with responding to life instead of reacting to life.
  • When reacting to life…it just blows up. It doesn’t work that well, but when responding intelligent, useful, and amazing decisions can be made.
  • “Multiplication by subtraction.” This is a term from Dan Sullivan, not just with people, but with projects, and different things that you’re working on.
  • “Reduce suffering.” Joe and Genius Network want to help reduce the suffering of Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs struggle so much with depression, anxiety, and addiction.
  • “Resourcefulness.” Be resourceful.
  • If you can’t make a hundred thousand… half a million, a million dollars out of Genius Network… you’re not very resourceful or you’re not being very resourceful.
  • There’s a lot of resources here, but only to the degree that you utilize them and you’re resourceful yourself.
  • Result leader not thought leader. Any a**hole could come up with a thought. It doesn’t take a Genius to come up with a thought, BUT to take that thought and to turn it into a result.
  • Take responsibility.
  • “The time to quit working is when working is no longer working.” – Kathy Kolbe
  •  The point is: The time to quit working is when working is no longer working, and think about things in your life that are just H.A.L.F. (hard, annoying, lame, and frustrating.) Just stop, quit doing them.
  • Together, we can do anything, which I believe we can. We can do that with the right tools.
  • Write yourself a swimming pool. It goes back to the Beatles thing where someone said, the Beatles are not materialistic. Paul McCartney said that’s not true. “I remember sitting down with John and saying, Hey, let’s write ourselves a swimming pool.”
  • Your Genius Network is your net worth.
  • There are two words I want you to think about… obligation elimination. What that means to me is that I don’t want any obligations anymore UNLESS they are E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun), unless they expand me, not contract me.
  • There’s nothing so useless as doing efficiently, that which should not have been done at all. – Peter Drucker
  • Leverage maximum results, least amount of effort is leverage.

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