Hero Makers: How Any Creator Can Build A Community of Raving Fans Gareb Shamus, Scott Donnell, and Joe Polish #178

Episode Summary

Creating a trusting, engaged community and sharing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with the Founders of HeroMaker Studios, Scott Donnell and Gareb Shamus (also the Founder of Wizards Magazine and Comic-Con).

Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Gareb, Scott, and Joe in this episode:

  • How Gareb Shamus got into the superhero business, started Comic-Con, and has impacted billions of people
  • What a Superhero really is, how villains relate to heroes, and why Superheroes are more relevant than ever
  • What Scott Donnell and Gareb’s Hero Makers project is all about and how the relatable stories it is spreading is about to positively flip the comic industry on its head
  • The Creator Economy on Steroids: How artists, writers, musicians, creators and more are going to benefit long-term from the coming ‘transfer of ownership’ boom
  • The habits, skills, and capabilities Gareb and Scott have developed that have allowed them to succeed in life and business and impact tons of people


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Show Notes

  • Comic-Con… we literally just threw a party for the magazines and everybody showed up that really galvanized the movement.
  •  People that are hurt can choose to do good or use the hurt as a way to help people.
  •  We want to tell stories that are completely unique and relatable to all these different audiences.
  • We can create these NFT comics that people can hold, own, resell and be a part of.
  • The goal is get the comics into as many hands as possible. If you want to physically own the comic book, the way to do that is by a NFT.
  •  There’s a huge difference between an opportunist versus someone that sees an opportunity and does the things needed to develop it and have it become a reality.
  • There’s so much to go around that you don’t have to squeeze every little bit out of everybody out there.  
  • Create opportunities for others that they would never be able to do on their own. 
  • You can’t micromanage large events. You grant people the ability to represent you at that level, which takes a tremendous amount of trust on your part and also empowerment and encouragement on the other end.
  • You can’t make every decision. It’s easier to make somebody happy on the spot and let them go home happy, than to drag somebody through. ” Oh, I gotta find this person just to help them out.” It really is the only way to create a self managing company.
  • We’re building a group of people who feel like they’re in a candy store every day, working.
  • If you care about your Clients, you don’t sell them something that you wouldn’t sell your best friend.
  •  It was really about creating a platform for others to succeed. The more success that they’ve achieved over time, the more they gave back and remembered that we were there first for them.
  •  It’s that feeling that you’re reading something and you could relate to that character.
  • We want people to read these stories and not feel alone.
  • A lot of people that are going through things alone lack self-confidence. When they find that there’s other people around them and they know who they are and they start working together they start communicating and building that community.
  • Growing a garden, you’re going to have manure. There’s a lot of sh** you’re going to deal with, but that’s what growth is. 
  • I think oftentimes people see only what is portrayed on social media and they don’t realize it can get hard, difficult, painful, and depressing. If you’re running a business or not, that’s just part of the gig.
  • It’s all the journey. And you gotta take this first step.
  • You can write a love story. You can write a comedy. You can write a horror story. You can write a tragedy… you can write an inspirational story. We are all Authors of our lives.
  • So many of the heroes in the world aren’t the famous people. They’re not the professional athletes or actors and actresses. They’re not the singers, the wealthy or the billionaire Entrepreneurs. Although some of them do amazing stuff. It’s the hospice nurse. It’s the frontline workers. It’s a single mom. It’s a person that was massively abused in a family of abuse. The people that are in countries that are dealing with sh**, I cannot even comprehend that will give their life for a cause those are heroes in life.
  • Our goal is to build a big community of people who fall in love with these characters and their development story.
  • We want people to feel inspired.
  • We’re making it so that anybody that wants access to be able to read these stories and enjoy them and to feel like they’re part of that community.

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