Hero Makers: How Any Creator Can Build A Community of Raving Fans Gareb Shamus, Scott Donnell, and Joe Polish #178

Episode Summary

Creating a trusting, engaged community and sharing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with the Founders of HeroMaker Studios, Scott Donnell and Gareb Shamus (also the Founder of Wizards Magazine and Comic-Con).

Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Gareb, Scott, and Joe in this episode:

  • How Gareb Shamus got into the superhero business, started Comic-Con, and has impacted billions of people
  • What a Superhero really is, how villains relate to heroes, and why Superheroes are more relevant than ever
  • What Scott Donnell and Gareb’s Hero Makers project is all about and how the relatable stories it is spreading is about to positively flip the comic industry on its head
  • The Creator Economy on Steroids: How artists, writers, musicians, creators and more are going to benefit long-term from the coming ‘transfer of ownership’ boom
  • The habits, skills, and capabilities Gareb and Scott have developed that have allowed them to succeed in life and business and impact tons of people

Show Notes

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