Choose To Channel: How You Can Channel Your Book and Almost Anything Else with Keira Brinton #191

Episode Summary

How would it feel to sit down to write your book, and the words began to flow out of your hands with quickness and ease?

What if YOU could write your book in a few  weeks, or maybe even a few days??

This is what happens when YOU sit and channel with Keira.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Keira in this episode:

  • A unique way to write a book almost effortlessly without ever experiencing writer’s block
  • Keira shares why so many people struggle with confusion and getting stuck when they write
  • The secret to creating ease and flow when writing your book and growing your business
  • Stop Making It Hard: Let go of the book you “should” write for the book you are HERE to write
  • One thing you can do to add momentum and magic to your personal and professional life


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Show Notes

  • Introduction to the concept of channeling and how it can be used to solve challenges and write a book effortlessly
  • Keira’s personal experience with channeling and how it has enabled her to write three books and raise five young children while also pursuing other endeavors
  • The process of channeling a book and how it can result in words flowing through you effortlessly like water, and feeling potent and powerful
  • Visualizing the end result of channeling your book, finishing it effortlessly and ahead of the deadline
  • The teaching of how to channel a book and the invitation to experiment with the idea
  • The common experiences of channeling, such as getting answers through Google, and how it is a form of receiving information from a source outside of your body or conscious mind
  • How learning to channel can turn on a flow state at any time and anywhere
  • Examples of successful books that were channeled, including a book written by a nine-year-old in just three hours
  • How the channeling process was used to write a book collaboratively with 18 women in just 10 weeks from idea to publication




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