Healing From Pain Once and For All: The Greatest Discovery About Pain Almost No One Knows About with Steve Ozanich and Joe Polish #202

Episode Summary

Imagine living without chronic pain, breaking free from the grip of physical discomfort. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that could reshape your understanding of pain and healing.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Steve and Joe in this episode:

  • How the discovery of one book led Steven to uncovering the root cause of all pain
  • The reason why THIS type of person tends to have health problems (and what to do about it)
  • What the medical industry has gotten dead wrong about pain, disease, and healing
  • The role of fear and rage in pain and why your body is not broken or failing
  • The way pain and disease acts as an “emotional crutch” and protective barrier from the truth
  • Steve shares Dr. John Sarno’s story and the role of “TMS” as it relates to pain and disease
  • Knowledge Therapy: Why it’s the most important factor in healing and recovery from pain
  • The story of how Joe healed almost all his torn meniscus knee pain after hearing THIS…
  • What “Symptom Imperative” is and how understanding it can help you heal chronic pain
  • P______: The only permanent solution for escaping from the obsessive throes of pain
  • What to do if you or a loved one is suffering physical pain and want to finally heal



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Show Notes

Steve’s Journey to Healing:

  • Steve recounts his struggle with severe pain, exploring various conventional treatments and therapies without lasting relief.
  • Introduces Dr. John E. Sarno’s work, a physiatrist who discovered TMS, the Mind-Body Syndrome, transforming the medical industry.
  • Describes the moment Steve rejected Sarno’s approach initially, only to later embrace it and experience profound healing.
  • Emphasizes the power of consciousness and understanding in the healing process.

Understanding TMS – The Mind-Body Syndrome:

  • Steve explains TMS, initially known as Tension Myositis Syndrome, and later expanded to include muscles, nerves, and renamed Mind-Body Syndrome.
  • Explores the personality traits associated with TMS sufferers, such as perfectionism and a constant drive to please others, leading to unconscious anger.
  • Highlights the unconscious nature of TMS, making it challenging for individuals to connect their physical symptoms to emotional tension.
  • Discusses Dr. Sarno’s unique approach of talking to patients and addressing not just pain but a wide range of health issues through the Mind-Body Syndrome.

TMS Beyond Pain – A Holistic Approach:

  • Steve shares how TMS extends beyond pain, affecting immune systems, autoimmune conditions, and even cancer, based on Dr. Sarno’s observations.
  • Challenges the skepticism around the breadth of TMS healing, emphasizing its effectiveness beyond pain relief.
  • Illustrates the concept of pain or disease as an emotional crutch, protecting individuals from confronting repressed emotions and stress.
  • Encourages listeners to expand their understanding of TMS beyond pain and consider its potential in various health conditions.

Case Studies and Healing Stories:

  • Steve shares real-life cases, including a woman with severe pain triggered by repressed memories and a man with supposed histamine intolerance.
  • Emphasizes the importance of changing the mindset and confronting unconscious beliefs to facilitate healing.
  • Highlights the resistance some individuals have to the idea of Mind-Body Syndrome, recounting stories of skepticism and eventual acceptance.
  • Discusses the transformative power of consciousness and understanding in the healing process.

TMS in Medical Practice – Challenges and Success Stories:

  • Steve discusses the challenges Dr. Sarno faced in the medical industry, including skepticism, mockery, and isolation.
  • Shares anecdotes of doctors, including orthopedic surgeons, benefiting from TMS understanding and integrating it into their practice.
  • Recounts the story of a Rabbi facing surgery due to a fragmented disc, only to find relief through Dr. Sarno’s Mind-Body approach.
  • Addresses the economic implications within the medical industry if TMS were widely accepted.

The Wisdom of Dr. Sarno:

  • Dr. Sarno, a pioneering figure in mind-body medicine, challenged the conventional view of chronic pain.
  • Understand the key question Dr. Sarno posed: What do you like to do? The answer lies in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.
  • Anecdotes of individuals defying conventional advice and finding healing through activities they love, such as skiing.

Knowledge Therapy and the Healing Mechanism:

  • Explore the concept of knowledge therapy, where understanding the mind-body connection becomes a powerful healing tool.
  • Real-life examples of individuals experiencing rapid healing through knowledge and acceptance of the TMS phenomenon.
  • The idea that these issues are consciousness problems, not purely physical structural body problems.

Intermediate Steps on the Healing Journey:

  • Recognize that while knowledge therapy is transformative, some cases may require additional steps.
  • Delve into intermediary steps such as therapy, programs, journaling, and NLP, viewed as pathways toward the ultimate goal of presence.
  • Understand the role of tough childhoods, abuse, and the need for various therapeutic approaches in the journey to pain-free living.

TMS Beyond Pain:

  • Challenge the notion that TMS is limited to back pain; it extends to a wide range of physical issues.
  • Real-life instances of TMS healing addressing skin problems, intolerance, and even hearing loss.
  • The significance of understanding the mind’s protective mechanisms, such as negation, in the manifestation of physical symptoms.

Personal Testimony and TMS Healing Journey:

  • Dive into a personal account of TMS healing with a focus on physical pain.
  • Explore the journey of discovering TMS through an encounter with Dr. Sarno’s teachings and connecting with a TMS expert.
  • Highlight the transformative power of knowledge, acceptance, and shifting perspectives in overcoming chronic pain.

The Role of Avoidance and Industry Interests:

  • Examine the role of avoidance mechanisms in dealing with pain, including numbing, drugs, and distractions.
  • Acknowledge the existence of a massive industry profiting from pain-related treatments and surgeries.
  • The importance of becoming a “pain detective” and understanding the motivations behind industry interests.


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