Experience The World’s Greatest Network For Wisdom, Connections, Collaborations and Resources…

10x Your Business Results, Get Your Next Big Breakthrough, and Create A Colossal and Lasting Impact

Building Better Entrepreneurs Through
Health, Wealth and E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun!)

I’m a Member of Joe Polish’s Genius Network®. I get to work with Joe, who is one of the marketing geniuses on the planet. I also get to spend quality time with a group of other very experienced Entrepreneurs.

Picture of Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

Founder and CEO of Bulletproof, NY Times Best Selling Author


If you are mentally or physically breaking down, it’s likely that your business will follow suit. Health to us means living with constant energy, vitality, clarity and fitness. Genius Network’s exclusive community includes the world’s leading doctors, nutritionists, and wellness experts as well as the highest level Entrepreneurs and industry transformers… which means you’ll regularly receive cutting edge guidance and accountability to live your best and contribute your most.


From financial security to an abundance of new opportunities and collaborations, it’s our top mission to get you a healthy “Return On Genius” through Genius Network®. Our unique growth tools, engaging forum, and culture of giving all lead to the same place at the end of the day… more money in your pocket, more wealth for your growing businesses, and leaving a legacy through your enterprise.

E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) V.S
H.A.L.F. (Hard, Annoying, Lame, & Frustrating)

At Genius Network®, we’re obsessed with our Members living Easy, Lucrative and Fun lives and running E.L.F. Businesses®. Most Entrepreneurs fall into the trap of creating a H.A.L.F Business because they don’t know any better. When you join this elite network group you have a chance to know there is a better way… and most Members catch on quickly.

Genius Network® is the best kept secret
for Results Leaders to reach their highest level of Success, Connection, and Contribution.

Your network is your net worth… I used to have to try to learn everything myself, and now, I can just tap into the collective genius of everyone in this group.

Picture of Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold

Founder of COO Alliance, Author of Double Double

Here’s Exactly What You Get When
You Join Genius Network®:

Two Exclusive Member Meetings a Year That Will Elevate Your
Business and Your Life... Where You’ll Experience:

You gain access to two Member Meetings each year, in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, networking with Joe and other Genius Network® Members.

During each meeting, you’ll gain massive clarity, focus, and resources necessary to elevate you in every area of your life and business.

At each meeting you’ll experience:

Ten Minute Talk®

These prepared Ten Minute Talk® presentations focus on a single topic or idea that is immediately useful and worth at least $250,000 to you. As a vetted Member, you will have the opportunity to give your own presentations to the group too! Members say these talks alone are worth their investment.

Genius Network® Tools

At every meeting you’ll be given special growth tools that build better Entrepreneurs.  These resources are here for you to get a dramatic increase in Health, Wealth, and E.L.F.® (easy, lucrative, and fun) for your business and life. 

Collaborative Hot Seats To Solve Your Biggest Challenges

This group of high powered givers is relentless when it comes to problem solving and results achievement. If you have an obstacle, the entire room (who has the wisdom and rolodex to move mountains) has your back and will work to get you the exact answers and solutions you need to reach your next level.

Exclusive Insider Interviews With World Class Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s Arianna Huffinton, Peter Diamandis, Dan Sullivan, or any number of accomplished Entrepreneurs, you will receive private and revealing interviews that give you the goods on the most desirable and impactful secrets to success, business, and life.

A rare opportunity to connect and spend time with the most influential people in the country, actually the world.

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Private Member Vault & Forum

This is your private hub to stay connected to your tribe. The Genius Network® community is comprised of world leaders, industry transformers, best-selling authors, CEOs, business owners, etc. Genius Network® is where you will gain access to every tool, strategy, and interview in the Genius Network® Vault (exceeding $1M in value).

“This is the best business tool I have in my arsenal and anyone who hasn’t taken advantage of it or seen it, just go for it!”


Mike Koenigs

Serial Entrepreneur, 10-Time #1 Bestselling Author

Your virtual Member’s area cuts out all the noise and gives you exactly what you need to succeed in business and life.

The Genius Network® Private Forum:

This engaged virtual network gives you exclusive support, strategies, connections, and opportunities to improve your business and your network.

Genius Network® Vault Of All Past Talks

You get the entire library of Ten Minute Talks® and your own treasure trove of $250k elegant ideas to accelerate your journey to living an E.L.F® life.

Request a Connection

Your #1 resource to connect with high level individuals in Genius Network® and beyond, to quickly gain the specific guidance, relationships, and resources you need right now… that you won’t find anywhere else.

Genius Network® Proprietary Tools:

Dozens of results oriented resources for you and your team, so you can get your own breakthroughs and elegant ideas.

The Member Network

“Any problem can be solved with the right Genius Network®
Solving your greatest problems is about the WHO, not How…

“I've met some of the most amazing people in the world through his group.”

Craig Ballantyne

Find your own place in this network of industry titans (who also happen to be the world’s greatest givers) and join one of the most collaborative, welcoming, and impact-oriented Entrepreneurial groups on the planet.

The goal is simple… to facilitate the right connections and contributions that can positively shift your business and our planet.

“I came out with 15 pages of notes and more ideas than I ever knew I would come to.”

Cameron Herold

The Genius Network® Platform & Podcast

We believe that if you have Genius to share, then your message should be amplified! This is your opportunity to give your own Ten Minute Talk® and perhaps even join Joe as a guest on one of his podcasts.

“You will get back all of your investment of time and money many times over!”

-Byron Ellis

As a member you have the opportunity to give your own Ten Minute Talk®. This is your chance to share value, tell your story, and even open up about your business to our thoughtful, attentive, and influential crowd.

While it’s not guaranteed, just by joining, you’ll also have a shot at being a featured guest on Joe’s Genius Network® Podcast, and we prioritize Genius Network® Members when it comes to choosing experts for Joe’s I Love Marketing Podcast.

This is a group of superhero marketers. These are people who are the best.

Picture of Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis

Founder of X Prize Foundation,
Co-founder of Singularity University

This could be the thing that finally moves the needle to help you 10x your business.

Picture of Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

The Burchard Group

What Else Makes This Exclusive and
Elite Group the Most Invaluable Investment in Your Life and Future?

If You’re The Smartest Person In The Room…
You’re In The Wrong Room

We get it, what it’s like to be a bit “different.”

In fact, we embrace it.

Every Genius Network® Member has something
unique to contribute to the group.

Whether that comes from your business savvy,
personal experience, connections, insights and ideas, or something radically different…

When you’re a right fit for Genius Network®, your exceptional gifts lead to exponential benefits for everyone (especially you!)

Genius Network® Specifically looks out for these types of “Givers” and Results Leaders:

Willpower Doesn’t Work… But The Right Environment Does!

As Genius Network® Member Benjamin Hardy has proven through his research in his book, “Willpower Doesn’t Work”, your environment completely dictates your success, your aspirations, and your competence to achieve your BIGGEST goals.

Now, we have to ask… how does your typical
environment stack up?

Do the people around you consider you insane? 🙂

Whether it’s family, friends, or your team, do people fail to understand your work ethic, commitment, drive, desire and more?

Are you surrounded more by “admirers” than achievers?

Simply put, do the people around you support you in staying the same or challenge you to do more, be more, and stretch yourself?

Have you advanced beyond your network and circle of friends?

You’re already successful, but are you always the smartest person in nearly every room you walk into?

Exposure to the brightest Entrepreneurial marketers from around the world, direct connections, interaction with cutting edge thinkers.”

Picture of Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Founder of Strategic Coach® & Author of Laws of Lifetime Growth

When you’re not growing, you’re dying.

The Most Expensive
Education Is Bad Information

Filled with remarkable Entrepreneurs who are as interested in GIVING to other Members as they are in receiving. I love this group!

- Timothy Paulson

We live in a society where any bit of information can be accessed at your fingertips.

While this is mostly a good thing, it also means that there’s a ton of non useful, false junk hiding around at every corner (sabotaging your life and your business as a result).

That’s why every speaker, every Member, and every bit of information and guidance in our Genius sphere is invaluable, concise, transformative, proven, and instrumental in building you into a better Entrepreneur.

CONNECTION over simply “Connections”

High-achieving Entrepreneurs are a rare breed… and if you don’t have the right like-minded support system behind you… things can get lonely quickly. Entrepreneurs need a tribe of tribal leaders to help support them and elevate them to the next level.

Without realizing it, many misunderstood and not supported Entrepreneurs find themselves in patterns of isolation, depression, and sometimes addiction.

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or even workaholism… it’s all too easy to choose escape over meaning.

The true antidote to any addiction is CONNECTION with those who understand who you are, where you’re coming from AND how you can best move forward.

Genius Network® Members come together because we want to build each other up AND build lifelong relationships with the people who GET us the most.

When you become part of Genius Network®, you gain a family of individuals who not only care about your business… we care about YOU.

Not to mention, Members are encouraged to join forces through business ventures, partnerships, and projects that create impact and greatly reduce suffering on our planet.

Rise To Your Next Level (or don’t apply)

Genius Network® doesn’t give you a chance to do ANYTHING but rise to your next level.

The saying here is “Elevate yourself… or go home.”

Even if you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of success, intelligence, love, or anything in between… you can bet there’s a Member or speaker here who’s got you beat.

Consider for a moment how wonderful that can be for your own life achievement.

You’ll have the opportunity to quickly absorb and retain the exact strategies, connections, and tools to help high-achievers achieve even more.

This will push you to raise your standards beyond what you currently think is possible.

After all, one elegant idea shared in this unique, innovative forum can bring simplicity to your current complexities, chisel away all the nonsense, and leave you with a refined sense of what needs to be DONE NOW.

Your 3 Year Plan to Building An E.L.F.® Empire:

Foundation, Growth, and Acceleration

When you become a Member of Genius Network®, you get exclusive access to The Right Community, The Right Environment, and The Right Tools unavailable anywhere else, guaranteed to build you into a better Entrepreneur.

It’s likely that once you’re a part of Genius Network®, you’ll want to be a Member for life (honestly, you’d be crazy not to).

While you’re welcome to stay for the long haul it’s recommended that you commit to this group for at least three years if you want to see the maximum ROI and ROG (Return on Genius).

Our framework is set up to support you through three
incremental stages of transformation

During your foundational first year, you’ll be given access to resources and connections beyond your wildest imagination… powerful tools that can make an instrumental difference in your business and life.

During your second year, you’ll enter the Growth Phase, where your business, and your personal experience of life will evolve to a point where you may not even recognize yourself (for the better, of course).

During your third year, you’ll be ramping up and ACCELERATING, rising to EPIC levels in all areas of your life, from Health to Wealth all the way to E.L.F.®

It’s time for you to rise up and repel
the status quo!

A rare opportunity to connect and spend time with the most influential people in the country, actually the world.”

Picture of JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Click here to see if you’re a right fit for
Genius Network® Membership

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