Gnar Country: Fascinating Insights Into Flow and Aging with Steven Kotler and Joe Polish #189

Episode Summary

In this episode, we’ll be discussing Steven’s book “Gnar Country” and the incredible journey he took to overcome Lyme disease and memory loss. We’ll also be diving into the keys to High Performance Aging, tips for increasing productivity, and techniques for driving your Team into Group Flow. Plus, Steven will share his secrets for better health, overcoming burnout, and tackling the biggest obstacles of aging.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Steven, and Joe in this episode:

  • Why Steven wrote his book “Gnar Country” and the two most important discoveries he made
  • Steven contracted Lyme disease and had no memory. Here’s the amazing story of how he overcame it!
  • The keys that make up High Performance Aging so you can increase your ability to perform
  • Steven shares his research on increasing your productivity by as much as 500%!
  • How to drive your Team into Group Flow so there is a collective Team ambition
  • One technique for immediately bettering your health (and the best way to use it)
  • The #1 cause of burnout and what you can do to slow down and feel better fast
  • Overcoming the biggest obstacles and hurdles that get in people’s way as they age
  • Proven, actionable, triggers and methods to get into FLOW more easily and quickly
  • Watch the video HERE


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Show Notes

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