Creating a Compelling Company Culture with Mary Morrissey #200

Episode Summary

How one idea can propel a company from $6 million to $15 million. Discover the power of core values and culture in shaping success, and gain actionable insights to fuel your own business journey.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Mary in this episode:

  • How One Idea From Genius Network Can Change Your Life and Earn You MILLIONS Of Dollars
  • The secret to building a virtual business that grows your vision, creates an impact and makes the difference you want in the world
  • One Idea Was Worth Over $15 Million: How to spot good ideas and then use them effectively to get huge results in your life and Business
  • How to drive organizational loyalty, make your core values and mission real, and create a transformative company culture
  • One BIG idea Mary got from Genius Network that helped transform her company (and how it can do the same for you in your Business)
  • Ask yourself this ONE QUESTION if you want to take your life and company to the next level
  • A 90 day experiment that can make you more money, lessen organizational resistance and empower your Team


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Show Notes

  • Challenges of Growth:
    • Mary shares the challenge she once had of scaling a business without a physical presence.
    • The importance of adapting to a virtual business model.
  • The Power of Vision and Core Values:
    • The role of a strong vision holder in a virtual business setting.
    • The importance of core values in guiding decision-making and culture.
  • Meta Listening and Seeking Solutions:
    • Introduction to “meta listening” and its potential to open new avenues for solving challenges.
    • Mary’s  journey to find solutions at the Genius Network Annual Event is explained.
  • Dina Dwyer’s Insights:
    • Dina Dwyer’s experience inheriting a business with a strong culture is explored.
    • The concept of internalizing core values for decision-making is highlighted.
  • The Cost of Poor Culture:
    • The financial impact of poor culture on businesses is discussed.
    • Transitioning employees and the associated costs are highlighted.
  • The Power of ‘Why’:
    • Simon Sinek’s concept of the “why” in business is introduced, emphasizing purpose and belief.
    • How shared beliefs drive loyalty and engagement is explained.
  • Taking Action:
    • The idea of a retreat to solidify core values and mission with executives and key Team members.
    • Empowering employees to make decisions based on core values is discussed.
  • Life Mastery Institute’s Core Values:
    • Specific core values of Life Mastery Institute are revealed, including love, care, integrity, fun, and growth.
    • The role of core values in decision-making and creating a strong company culture is emphasized.
  • The Path to Progress:
    • Acknowledgment that perfection isn’t attainable, but progress is.
    • The importance of continuous work on culture and values is explained.
  • Implementing Core Values:
    • Mary’s approach to applying core values in virtual meetings is discussed.
    • Core values inform decisions and empower all employees to contribute.



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