Going Way Beyond You, It’s The Who...

The average Member of Genius Network® runs a $9 million dollar per year company and has a strong desire to play at his or her highest level.

The Genius Network® started as a mastermind group to share the most potent and powerful marketing secrets.

We’ve since brought together leaders and industry transformers in not just the marketing field, but in agriculture, science, finance, ecommerce, personal development, health, and way more, all to share wisdom, strategies, and connections to exponentially grow your business and improve your life.

What Members are saying about the lasting benefits of a Genius Network® Membership:

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“Joe’s 25k group is a rare opportunity to connect and spend time with some of the most influential people in the world. Genius Network® is simply the best investment you can make”

JJ Virgin

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“There’s all kinds of magic that happens when a whole room is in the right frame of mind”

Dan Sullivan

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“I came out with 15 pages of notes and more ideas than I ever knew I would come to.”

Cameron Herold

You are The PERFECT Fit For
The Genius Network® If:

You May Not Make It In
The Genius Network® (or stay
for very long) if:

When you meet our foundational requirements,
you’re ready to begin the vetting process.

I’m a Member of Joe Polish’s Genius Network®. I get to work with Joe, who is one of the marketing geniuses on the planet. I also get to spend quality time with a group of other very experienced Entrepreneurs.

Picture of Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

Founder and CEO of Bulletproof,
NY Times Best Selling Author

This is a group of superhero marketers. These are people who are the best.

Picture of Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis

Founder of X Prize Foundation,
Co-founder of Singularity University

The Genius Network® big event is not a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest full of gold and riches, it’s a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest full of other treasure maps.

Picture of Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

Founder & CEO - MarketingOnline.com

This is the best business tool I have in my arsenal and anyone who hasn’t taken advantage of it or seen it, just go for it!

Picture of Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

Serial Entrepreneur,
10-Time #1 Bestselling Author

With the brain power and the successful CEOs involved, someone already has the answer to whatever challenge you're facing, and you're just one phone call away from getting the answer.

Picture of Denise Gosnell

Denise Gosnell

Gosnell & Associates

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