How To Build A Business That Is Worth Selling (Even If You Never Do)

The Most Important Steps and the Most Common Pitfalls That Plague Entrepreneurs When it Comes Time to Sell Their Business(es);

What Acquirers Want to Know Before They Buy a Company;

The Best Time to Start Thinking About an Exit For the Business;

The 4 "Drivers of Value" that makes a company a VERY desirable asset; and

How to Maximize the Value of the Business for the Most Important Windfall Event at the End (The Wealth Creation Event);

So Much More!

There are millions of books written on leadership, management, sales, marketing and so on – BUT – the most important event in an entrepreneurs life is ‘The Wealth Creation Event’. That is when you sell your company, and almost NOBODY talks about it…

And, learning how to set your business up for sale – even if you never plan to sell it – is one of the most important actions you can take that will totally transform the way you think about and run your business…

In order to maximize the value of your business when it comes time to exit, me (Joe Polish) and GeniusX Member John Ratliff have put together an AWESOME course for you. It’s called…

THE $65 MILLION SECRET: How To Build A Business That Is Worth Selling (Even If You Never Do)

John Ratliff grew his company by buying 24 other companies. When he got to end, he had a really successful exit. He sold his business for 14 TIMES EBITDA in an industry that trades at 3 to 4 times EBITDA. He did it because he understood what drove the strategic value of the business over and above just cashflow. We will teach YOU the things John did to drive that strategic value (and, typically, he beats the industry multiple by 50% to 100% in almost every deal he does. IN FACT, the “worst” deal he ever did beat the industry average by 50%!)

Our goal is this: You get at least a 50% improvement over industry average multiples.

In this course, we will walk you through the most important steps and most common pitfalls that trip up entrepreneurs all the time when you get to your exit event. We’re here to save you from those mistakes and show you the path to maximize your exit value.

In this course, here’s just a few of the things you will discover and learn:

Here’s a small taste of ONE THING you will discover in this course we call “The Rembrandt In The Attic”:

As entrepreneurs, we get up every day, run our companies, and make assumptions about our business. Yet, we don’t take the time to look at our business from the outside. We don’t take the time to really think about the things that are core to us, our core capabilities, and our core competencies that a buyer might value over and above simply the cashflow our business throws off. For example, it could be your customer list; it could a certain process or way you do things; it could be a piece of software or IP you’ve developed; but every business has unique assets inside the company that are value OVER AND ABOVE the cashflow that comes out of the business. Entrepreneurs often don’t see these – and they are what we call a “Rembrandt In The Attic”. So, if you were going to buy a $1,000,000 house and two other bidders were involved in the process, and you were all bidding against each other, if you knew there was a Rembrandt painting hidden in the attic of that house that the seller of the house didn’t know was there, you would be willing to pay more for the house because the Rembrandt would come with it. Likewise, every business has these Rembrandt’s In The Attic that the seller of those businesses don’t even realize are there – OR – they take them for granted – OR – they don’t see value in them. As an advisor, John looks at companies and FINDS those Rembrandt’s and help the seller unlock that extra strategic value they either take for granted or don’t know exists.

Your 100% “Action-Based” Satisfaction Guarantee:

This course is going to give you an almost unfair advantage so you can maximize the value of your business if you ever choose to sell it. You’re going to discover proven success strategies that will help you build a sellable, scalable business much faster than normal.

In fact, we believe so strongly in this courses ability to positively transform your business that you have our 30-Day Iron Clad “Action-Based” Guarantee. Here’s how it works: Go through the course over the next 30 days. Put at least 3 of the strategies you learn from the course into action in your business, and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason within the thirty day period, simply contact our office and we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple! We can make this bold guarantee because we stand behind this course 100% and the results back this up.

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