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For a limited time, while supplies last, in the USA only Joe Polish is giving away his newest book for free.

Many Entrepreneurs and small business owners are experiencing frustration and anxiety. It’s happening at all levels of business and community. That’s why Joe has decided to make this book available for free.

This book is a curated collection of short insights on Wellness, Success, and Business. It’s packed with wisdom and witticism to give you confidence, direction, and emotional wellbeing as Entrepreneurs in these uncertain times.

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Joe has a wonderful knack of pulling people together, throwing them in a pot, stirring them up and fantastic things can come from it.

Sir Richard Branson | Founder of Virgin Group

As a connector, I’ve seen many people who have good networks, but I have never seen anyone who has the network that Joe has.

Tim Ferriss | Author of numerous #1 New York Times bestselling books and host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast