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David Kekich

"The Secrets To Longevity"



joe and david kekich
Joe Polish   David Kekich

Part One
Running Time - 17:32
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Part Two
Running Time - 16:36
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Part Three
Running Time - 20:59
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Part Four
Running Time - 21:17
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Dear Genius Network Subscriber,

Below with this month’s edition of the Genius Network Interview Series featuring Dave Kekich, Founder of The Maximum Life Foundation is a copy of Dave’s “Kekich Credos,” a compilation of his 100 “success secrets” compiled as a result of his life experiences.

Before you listen to the actual interview, take a few minutes now to read through the Credos…it will be enormously valuable to you… Reading and applying the Credos every day will give you insight, clarity, and a positive effect in every aspect of your life…from your business to your personal life. It will also give you wonderful insight into the philosophies of Dave Kekich…


pdf Kekich's Credo from Joe Polish

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