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October 3rd and 4th, 2016

Get Connections, create relationships, and receive wisdom in this two day event from industry leaders like Peter Diamandis, Dan Sullivan, Brendon Burchard and more…

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(a.k.a. The $25k Group)

Transform Your Business and Gain Access to Wisdom, Strategy, Inspiration, and Connections To Otherwise Inaccessible Experts Not Available Anywhere Else…

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Discover How To Grow Your Business 10X with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

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Generate more leads and convert more customers as you learn The Best Business Marketing Strategies today with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson

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Gain Direct Access To the Wisdom and Knowledge of Leading Experts, Authors and Thought Leaders

Genius Network® Is The Place For High Achievers To Grow, Connect And Collaborate For Bigger future

Get Access To the Leading Experts, Advisors And High Level Entrepreneurs Today! Connections, Inspiration, & Wisdom

Genius Network® Annual Event

Genius Network

Connect, collaborate, and receive wisdom in this two day exclusive event for high-level entrepreneurs.

Genius Network®

Genius Network

Here is Where To Connect With The Most Successful Entrepreneurs On The Planet

10X Talk™

10-X Talk

Insights For An Ever Expanding System Of Increasing Cooperation And Creativity Among Unique Ability Achievers.

I Love Marketing®

I Love Marketing

The Most Valuable Marketing Podcasts On The Planet For Entrepreneurs Who Want More Business Than They Can Handle

Genius Network Interviews®

Genius Network Interviews

High Level Connections For Highly Successful People

What is Genius Network® About

A Platform Like This Simply Doesn't Exist Anywhere Else...

The world around you is changing at an exponential rate… but the human equation remains a constant. And what is at the core of human nature? Relationships, communication and connecting with people. Genius Networking® is the only arena available that taps into the innovation of unfolding progress, the power of the collaborative “think tank” and the unlimited potential of connections.


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Seating Now Available In The Executive Lounge

Want to connect and collaborate with the world's leading entrepreneurs? Join Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, Peter Diamandis, Brendon Burchard, Annie Lalla and many other industry leaders who will be in attendance at this year's Genius Network Annual Event.

You'll gain access to strategy, wisdom, collaboration, contribution, and connections not available anywhere else that will exponentially grow your business. Request your invitation to attend the October 3rd-4th, 2016 Genius Network Annual Event in Scottsdale, AZ today!